Blue Pitbulls in Georgia

Blue pitbulls available by Gin and Juice Pits! Presenting top notch blue pitbulls located in Atlanta, Georgia/Tuscaloosa, Alabama. XXL Pitbulls are an exclusive version of the blue pitbulls that you don’t find just anywhere. We produce xxl pitbulls of the largest version!

We breed  blue pitbulls / APBT blue pitbulls with champion bloodlines which consist mainly of OG Greyline, Watchdog, Xtreme, and Royal Bloodline. We strive to produce blue pitbulls & xxl pitbulls puppies that are conformationally correct with heavy bone, blocky heads, broad chests, muscular backsides, and shredded muscles, but most importantly, we breed for temperament in XXL Pitbulls. We believe that our blue pitbulls are the very best!

All blue pitbulls puppies are socialized from a very young age. Blue pitbulls are great with all other dogs, love all people, and are great with children of all ages. Blue pitbulls possess so many great qualities, they can be used in many ways. Blue pitbulls are extremely loyal, loving, intelligent, and athletic just to name a few. This allows Gin and Juice Pits blue pitbulls to make for great guard dogs, hard workers, and most of all great family dogs and best friends. These blue pitbulls puppies are mostly blue, blue fawn, champagne, and brindle. XXL Pitbulls are indeed phenonmenal dogs to own!

We want all customers of Gin and Juice’s blue pitbulls to know what to expect and what we are about. In this industry, it seems that many people throw honesty about blue pitbulls right out the window. Integrity is at the top priority in everything we do with blue pitbulls. You will never find us listing “internet stats”, nor telling you something just because it’s what you want to hear. We make sure that what you see is what you get. Blue pitbulls and our customers are valued higher than anything else. We will do everything we can to keep these blue pitbulls & our customers happy! Gin & Juice Pits is very easy to work with, and we always hold up our end of the deal no matter what!

Huge thanks to Sean Bailey  from ATL King Pits for their help with our blue pitbulls!